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Maddock is a great and growing community.  We're excited that you are interested in being a part of it.  Below is a list of housing currently available.  Additional apartments and houses may be pending. For more information, contact us at (701) 438-2233.



Park View Manor                                            Laura Winson:  701-473-5671

       Senior housing with 1-bedroom units available.


Sunrise                                                                     Doug Schmitz:   701-893-5413 or 800-825-6675

       2-bedroom units available.


Gem                                                                              Cede Motschenbacher:    701-438-2290

       2-bedroom units available.


Moeller                                                                     Laura Winson:  701-473-5671

       1-bedroom units available.


Summer Square                                                 Judy Kallenbach:  701-438-2828

       2 & 3  bedroom units available.  To see our current flyer, click here.




Houses for Sale or Rent:


None available at this time.

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